We believe three key issues define the Myrtle Beach market.

  • Quality of Life
  • Our community offers one of the most attractive living and entertainment environments offered anywhere in the US. From wide white sandy beaches stretching for 60 miles to...

  • Established Infrastructure
  • The Myrtle Beach area has made major strides over the past ten years to elevate our once quiet corner of the country to a world class tourism magnet...

  • Sustainable Economy
  • Twenty years ago, the beach economy was centered on summer vacations. As the tourist returned home, hotels, restaurants and shops closed for the winter...

Our Business

As seasoned brokers of Commercial Landtec, we have weathered other economic storms throughout the years. We recognize that with change comes opportunity for investors who are also seasoned in the fundamental elements of real estate economy. As such, we stand ready to provide quality real estate leadership to identify and execute opportunity offerings that will advantage our clients. Our strategy is simple but sure. Identify the underlying strength of our market, position ourselves and our clients to stimulate real estate opportunities that work for near and long term gain.

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Site Tech Systems

One of our Core Values is based in research. We believe that in order for people to make informed financial decisions, QUALITY INFORMATION is essential to the process. That’s what led us to establish Site Tech Systems, LLC, a GIS based land analysis research and analysis web tool. Market and economic data is what is leading us into deeper market analytics. It’s about the economy now! The ability to measure market conditions in a changing market is critical. No longer can business momentum be assumed as a reliable basis for market demand. No longer are standard web based reports adequate to measure real market activity. Now, more than ever, the fundamentals of supply and demand must be researched and understood by all stake holders in a real estate purchase or liquidation effort. (More)