Commercial Landtec Real Estate Company

For 20 years, Commercial Landtec has provided our clients with confidence while making decisions worth millions of dollars. This is due to our relentless pursuit of providing factual information surrounding potential property acquisitions and from years of successful transaction involvement. Every acquisition or disposition of real estate is unique and yet many elements are constant. We have brokered hundreds of transactions from lots to development tracts, apartments and shopping centers. We have managed and participated in the development of projects. We are site selection agents for McDonald's Corp. and a variety of banks and national retail companies. Principals, brokers and agents work as a team so that our clients experience the widest depth of knowledge and experience possible from a real estate transaction. We view our involvement with clients as long term relationship opportunities. As such, our decisions reflect a sincere desire to advise our clients based on our best awareness and experience to guide their decisions.

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GIS-Based Internet Real Estate Information Company

In 2001 Commercial Landtec began developing an internal research and reference system to assist a client with numerous site acquisitions in the area. The system grew in scope to incorporate key elements necessary to properly evaluate many facets of real estate. In this groundbreaking system, we incorporated as many data elements as possible to provide the most extensive awareness of real estate possible. Ultimately it incorporated market conditions through sales activity, demographics, site features, utility service and environmental issues.

Through a substantial investment of time and financial resources we are proud of the system that has become a regionally acclaimed real estate research service in North and South Carolina known as Site Tech Systems. This technology based mapping and research system uses cutting edge software solutions with the most current data available to produce a services used by Appraisers, Banks, Brokers, Developers and Investors to identify and research strategic real estate opportunities.

We do not know of another real estate brokerage business anywhere that places a higher value on real estate knowledge for their clients than we do. As such, we hope our commitment to excellence and real estate facts reinforces your concept of us as real estate professionals you can trust.